Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hesperus

What makes Hesperus different from other independent living apartments for seniors? While residents are expected to be mobile and able to live independently when they move in, Hesperus Village is prepared to support its residents as they age and as they require help with activities of daily living. To age in place with dignity is one of our primary goals.

What are some of the unique features of Hesperus? Hesperus Village is an attractive building in a natural setting. Each unit has its' own distinctive charm and features. Residents may choose to enjoy communal meals and may participate in a variety of social activities, which contribute to the general atmosphere of an extended family. Or, as their inclination may be at any time, they may choose the solitude and privacy of their own apartments.

Does Hesperus have a "spiritual" approach to old age?Steeped in the social philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, Hesperus Fellowship Community management, staff and volunteers, incorporate spiritual with humanistic ideals in caring for one another.

Does Hesperus have religion, culture or ethnic requirements?Anthroposophy is not a religion and Hesperus Village has no particular requirements relating to religion, culture or ethnicity. There is an enlivening philosophical diversity within the community. However, anthroposophy was developed within the European/Christian culture and a transformation of its' symbols and festivals are used in Hesperus' celebrations.

What kind of person would get the most out of being at Hesperus? People who value community and wish to contribute to communal life; who are drawn to a spiritual and contemplative life; who enjoy natural surroundings and gardening; and who support and enjoy a variety of cultural and artistic endeavours.

How does Hesperus treat its' residents individual needs? As residents develop frailties and incapacities through aging or illness, Hesperus works with the resident and her/his family to respond to needs as they arise.

What level of assistance is available at Hesperus? Funding provided by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is limited to personal care including light housekeeping within budgetary constraints. Additional care may be purchased by the family. A meal plan is available and can be adapted to individual and vegetarian needs. A full-time medical office is functioning on site providing both holistic and traditional care. 24/7 emergency response services are provided.

How does Hesperus provide for health care needs of residents? There is an excellent working relationship with the local community hospital located within a 5-8 minute drive. A number of medical laboratory options are within the same distance. Driving and medical escort service can usually be arranged. A local pharmacy offers charge account and delivery services. A visiting registered practical nurse provides regular foot care services. Other professional health care services can be arranged by the residents' physician as needed through the Community Care Access Centre.

What medical attention is available at Hesperus? Residents may avail themselves of services from Pegasus, a medical clinic including three family physicians and a number of therapists working on deepening their practice of anthroposophically-extended medicine, housed within Hesperus Fellowship Community. Hesperus' staff personal support workers are trained to provide assistance within the confines of the Nursing Act and the Regulated Health Professions Act.

How do I or my parents go about getting into Hesperus II? Contact the office at or call 905.764.0840 to request an application form, arrange a visit and inquire about current rates.

How long is the waiting list to get into Hesperus II? While it is difficult to predict when an apartment becomes available and considering the current waiting list,- it is definitely a matter of several years. Therefore it is strongly advised to apply as early as possible.

What is the long-term plan or vision of Hesperus? Hesperus Village has planned a Phase II addition of 60 apartments. The Hesperus vision is to create a small village to foster a more varied and fuller community life for seniors, be they vigorous and active or with growing frailties; a community fully interactive with families, friends and neighbours. For more details see Phase II and Phase III.

What does rent-geared-to-income (RGI) mean? RGI means that the rent is 30% of the resident’s income up to a figure set by CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.) which is 80% of the market rent for the apartment. Additional services including utilities, the communal mean plan, parking, and laundry areextra.

What is “affordable housing”? The maximum rent payable is 80% of the CMHC market rent so all apartments are considered “affordable”.

Is there a maximum income limit? Currently (May 2009), the maximum annual income is $40,000 for anyone applying to live at Hesperus. This figure, set by government, is likely to be increased so please contact Hesperus for updated information.