Our History

The name “Hesperus” comes from the Greek word for Venus – the “evening star.” Setting after the sun, it signifies the end of the day, but through its own movement it changes from the evening to the morning star – “Aurora.” Thus, it embodies the metamorphoses taking place in the life cycle itself.

Hesperus Village in Vaughan, Ontario is a seniors’ affordable housing residence offering an independent lifestyle and a rich quality of life. Half of the apartments are rent-geared-to-income units. Hesperus is surrounded by a protected green space on a wooded ravine along the East Don River. A limited number of apartments in Hesperus East offer walk out patios on the ground level.

Hesperus residents may choose to enjoy communal meals and many participate in a variety of social, cultural, spiritual, and gardening activities. Hesperus balances the strengths of a strong institutional organization with the nurturing aspects of a caring community. Residents experience the aging process with dignity and grace.

Hesperus encourages interaction between the generations, people of diverse cultures, people on various spiritual paths, and those with a variety of interests, skills and talents.

Hesperus  has provided rent-geared-to-income housing and care to seniors since the early 1990's.  In 2009, York Region had over 5,800 households, including some 2,700 seniors, on its affordable housing wait list. We were also feeling the growing demand of our own community members, with a wait list that was six times the number of residents at that time. We just had to expand! Hesperus received government funding through the Affordable Housing Program.  These funds enabled us to add an additional 61 units to our facility, build a larger medical clinic for the Pegasus Therapeutics Family Practice team, and to implement a commercial kitchen and dining room.  In October 2011, our expansion was completed.  Hesperus Village, made up of Hesperus East and Hesperus West provides housing for 100 residents.


Key Elements

  • On-Site Medical Clinic-comfort, convenience, family physicians provide a choice of conventional and holistic medicine as well as therapeutic services.
  • Park-like Setting-surrounded by a green space space, organic gardens, and a wooded ravine along the East Don River
  • Innovative Approach-residents coming together to support one another; a high degree of social interaction 
  • Inter-generational-residents sharing campus with a school; promoting interaction with all age groups 
  • Interactive-encouraging personal growth and development by following a positive approach to aging 
  • Inclusive-a secular community steeped in a rich culture of celebratory life cultivating openness and acceptance of all spiritual paths 
  • Active Lifestyle-residents may participate in a communal meal plan, visit an on-site farmer's market, and enjoy exercise classes, physical activities, and a culturally rich community life
  • Care Providers-residents who are eligible, may receive assisted living services from onsite personal support workers. The onsite care is provided by a Partner Agency, North York Seniors Center.
  • Affordable Rents-all rents are affordable; 50% will be rent-geared-to income