Our Organization

Our Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors has fiduciary responsibility and oversight of the Hesperus Village operations.  We have a very committed group of individuals who have played an integral role in guiding Hesperus through our recent expansion.

Board Officers:

Chairman, Cosimo Casale


Vibeke Ball

Toni Farley

Jacques Gaboury (Secretary)

Corinna Ghaznavi (Vice Chair)

Gianna Parise

Michael Tedesco (Treasurer)

Gianna Parise



Management Circle:

Our Management Circle is responsible for hands-on running of our operations and reports directly into the Board of Directors through the Executive Director.  The Management Circle also works very closely with the Resident Council on a day-to-day basis.

Executive Director:  Pina Corigliano (pina@hesperus.ca)

Manager, Resident Relations and Community Development: Marta Bak (marta@hesperus.ca)

Business Manager:  Natalie Semenov (natalie@hesperus.ca)

Food Services Manager:  Gustavo Solis (gustavo@hesperus.ca)