Our Organization

Our Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors has fiduciary responsibility and oversight of the Hesperus Village operations.  We have a very committed group of individuals who have played an integral role in guiding Hesperus through our recent expansion.

Board Officers:

Chairman, Cosimo Casale


Vibeke Ball

Toni Farley

Jacques Gaboury (Secretary)

Corinna Ghaznavi (Vice Chair)

Gianna Parise

Michael Tedesco (Treasurer)



Management Circle:

Our Management Circle is responsible for hands-on running of our operations and reports directly into the Board of Directors through the Executive Director.  The Management Circle also works very closely with the Resident Council on a day-to-day basis.

Executive Director:  Pina Corigliano (pina@hesperus.ca)

Manager, Resident Relations and Community Development: Marta Bak (marta@hesperus.ca)

Business Manager:  Natalie Semenov (natalie@hesperus.ca)

Food Services Manager:  Gustavo Solis (gustavo@hesperus.ca)


Resident Council:

The Resident Council is an independent entity that was elected by the Residents of Hesperus.  The Resident Council works closely with the Board, Management Circle and the Resident Committees in order to facilitate communication and a healthy community life.  The Resident Council holds monthly resident meetings.

Victoria Gillen

Alexandra Gunther

Chris Hassell

Eleonora Galius