Hesperus Fellowship Village (Hesperus II)

The expansion of our beautiful facilities was completed in the summer of 2011.  The new building is adjoining the west wall of the existing Hesperus Fellowship Community of Ontario building (Hesperus I) and is separated by a firewall and specially built fire-rated doors.

Designed by Bert Chase (H.S Chase Architects Inc., North Vancouver, Canada)
 the new building houses 61 units, a medical office, therapeutic spaces, a generous communal dining and program space, as well as social, meeting and handwork/craft areas (to be completed at a later date). It will complement the 19 inter-generational units and variety of social and program areas in Hesperus I, the offices and library of the Anthroposophical Society of Canada, the Toronto Waldorf School (TWS), the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, and other related initiatives on the campus. 

A new entry, to be shared by both Hesperus I & II, is located on the North side.   The northern elevation shows three levels above grade. To maximize the use of the site the ground floor is built into the land. Hesperus II building contains three pods. The Eastern two pods are single loaded with all units enjoying Southern exposure. 

A number of units will be occupied by residents with special needs and who will be supported by the appropriate community agencies. All units are suitably designed for elderly people and some units allow increased accessibility for seniors with disabilities.